First Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The programme is currently implementing the first model of providing support and capacity building to entrepreneurs by means of a 7-day bootcamp from7th to 13th October 2017, targeting young individuals with a project idea that needs an opportunity to be realised. Enabling youth to have this opportunity, the project will provide the solution to a number of problems and to the contextual needs from which the project idea came forward.
The first model for supporting entrepreneurs depends on the importance of dedicating special attention to support livelihoods, recovery and resilience of affected and most fragile Syrian communities, by focusing on entrepreneurship and supporting young individuals to create job opportunities, revenue generating activities, provision of livelihoods and meeting communities’ needs.
Hence, the importance of this training springs forward from providing a solution to the problems the community is faced with, in addition to paving the way for creating an adequate environment for the application of entrepreneurship, and offering high potential for entrepreneurial projects to become self-financed and ultimately sustainable.
Within this model, entrepreneurs are supported via a series of steps and phases; these are:
•   Filling in registration form of the Young Entrepreneurs of Syria programme, and then selecting project ideas that best suit selection criteria
•    Conducting a 7-day bootcamp during which trainees will receive intensive, interactive and focused training workshops to help finalise projects. At the end of the training, trainees will provide power point presentations of their projects to the judgment of an evaluation committee.
•    Seed Funding and Incubation: 15 successful projects will be selected. To ensure actual smooth start, each of these projects will receive seed funding that matches its requirements but up to a maximum of SP 2 million. In addition, SEBC Business-Incubator will provide 3-month incubation services, during which incubated entrepreneurs will receive a host of different services to ensure the start and continuity of their projects.
* The accommodation of all participants during the bootcamp will take place onsite (Yafour Resort). All bootcamp participation expenses are covered by the programme.

For more information, please contact us.