Overview: Syrian Enterprise and Business Center (SEBC).

October, 2017


The Syrian Enterprise & Business Centre (SEBC) is a leading catalyst institution and implementation agency for projects and programmes aimed at development of the economic sector and support of institutions and initiatives targeting business and society development.

Established in 2006 and registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour according to NGO law applicable in Syria, SEBC is a non-for-profit institution benefiting from a legacy of 10-year cooperation between the EU and Syria in developing the local business sector (namely the Syrian-European Business Centre (1996-2006).
Evolving as a smooth transition from the “Five-A” extremely successful EU-funded programme, SEBC is now the leading organisation supporting Syria’s economic reform by serving as an implementation agency for international partners’ programmes and focusing on developing the business sector through implementing socio-economic activities. In other words, SEBC is the catalyst institution for business sector development and growth in Syria.
SEBC adopts innovative styles, bottom up approach and demand driven techniques to achieve its set objectives.

10+10 years of legacy

10 years of working as a EU-funded Programme followed by another 10 as a Syrian national agency for development have contributed to create SEBC’s success legacy.
Hundreds of studies, researches, a wide network of local; regional and international experts and partners, advanced training programmes and curricula, and implementation of best practices are among others just part of the accumulated knowledge and know-how assets characterising SEBC today.


In accordance with its statute, SEBC is a non-for-profit institution that aims to provide services of public interest for the socio-economic development of Syria. Generated revenues, if any, are re-invested in the institution’s capacity building and expansion schemes and in support of new social initiatives.

Recent Activities and Programmes

Supporting the Syrian Third Sector
  • Syrian civil society and NGO development programme
  • Developing the capacities of Syrian NGOs in the area of managing NGOs (UNDP)
Education, Management and Vocational Training
  • Implementation of UNDP “Emergency Restoration and Stabilization of Livelihoods of Syrian people – Provision of Vocational Training in Homs, Aleppo and Rural Damascus” programme.


Launched in 2007, SKILLS - Superior Knowledge by Intensive Labour Learning Schemes – focuses on entrepreneurship development, entrepreneurial learning, and additional socio-economic issues.
In response to the challenges facing the Syrian labour market, SKILLS has introduced three intervention schemes:
  • Discover the Talents
  • Second Chance
  • Thematic Training: SKILLS for Journalism, SKILLS for Finance, SKILLS for NGOs, SKILLS for Construction, etc.

SEBC Business-Incubator

The Services SEBC-BI provides include:
  • Assistance to set up the enterprise.
  • Strategic & business planning.
  • Assistance for access to finance.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Business consulting.
  • Entrepreneurial training.
  • Networking services.
  • Promotional services.
  • Office services.
SEBC enjoys an adequate environment for the implementation of entrepreneur support projects and programmes, by virtue of providing training, capacity building and a host of miscellaneous services to ensure the success and sustainability of entrepreneurs’ initiatives and projects, including but not limited to, strategic; legal; organisational and financial consultancy services and strong networking opportunities with a large network of SMEs and the business community at large.
UNDP and Vocational Training

SEBC has implemented a UNDP project aimed at delivering vocational training modules to over 800 vulnerable young male and female individuals, and key life-skills training to another 400 in both Rural Damascus and Aleppo.

SEBC and Oxfam

SEBC has supported OXFAM WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) sector activities. In 2014-15, both partners have launched a nation-wide media campaign on water conservation encouraging new habits of water consumption. Oxfam has launched a specific project targeting school kids only. The campaign aimed at introducing WASH to up to 6,500 4th, 5th and 6th grade school students. The water conservation campaign highlighted the direct impact of water on public health, diseases prevalence and hygienic status in Syrian Schools.


SEBC in cooperation with UNFPA helped to empower young people (18-29 years) and provided them with knowledge, skills and confidence to develop projects that can solve identified local issues of sustainable development and enable them shed light on pressing issues of young people concerns revolving around sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender based violence (GBV) prevention, resilience, social cohesion, livelihood, and/or economic development. The project supports tens of initiatives with direct and indirect beneficiaries exceeding 3,000 youth and adults.

SEBC and UNDP YES (Young Entrepreneurs of Syria)

UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour and SEBC have launched the Young Entrepreneurs of Syria Programme (YES), with the aim of supporting the role of Syrian youth in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). The programme is currently implementing the first model, which includes the provision of support and capacity building to entrepreneurs by means of a 7-day boot camp, in addition to seed funding and incubation.